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Random stuff 9/29/10

I need to finish things, in which I try but end up not doing it 99% of the time. Like for I need to finish anime series like the last eps of High School of the Dead, the 2nd season of Higurashi, Rozen Maiden DVDs my ex lent me and other show. Procrastination is very common but I have it the worst. Like with college I took a semester off to get my license during the summer and car winter but I'm no where near getting my license and its fall. So hopefully I'll just get my license by spring and just use my moms car for school. I really hate the bus system here. >.>

Well I'm going to NYAF on Oct. 8-10. I'm hoping on getting my FemRussia done on Friday for the con. I'm really excited that I'm helping out with "Psychology of Evangelion" panel with my friend whose running it. ^__^

I don't have any ending words on this ^^;

First entry about Hetalia....

I just got in Axis Powers Hetalia like 4 weeks ago and now I don't think I'm going to get out this fandom for sometime.

I knew about this series I think 2 years ago but was already in another fandom I didn't want to bother in. My reason I didn't get involved at first were
1. I was already a history/WWII nerd
2. The majority of the cast are men (I didn't want to get in an all yaoi loving fest like my other fandoms)

Now how I got in to this series was my friend Pinky, SHE KEEP ON TALKING ABOUT IT! When someone is referencing some I like to know what it is. So I got involved and now I think my brain found its place in the world. I have a very fucked up brain.

I lost my train of thought now so I'll continue this later.~


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